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APositive - 2017 revenue streams for Australian recruitment agencies revealed

New data shows a healthy environment for temp and perm placements.

We take a look at revenue streams for recruitment agencies state-by-state.

As we head towards the final quarter of 2017, now is the perfect time to review the trends in revenue streams for Australian recruitment agencies.

Staffing Industry Metrics data shared with APositive this week shows the results of 117 recruitment agencies from across Australia. We look at a period from January to July 2017 compared to the same time in 2016.

Put simply, the results show Australian recruitment agencies are benefiting from a flexible workforce. What’s more, the good times keep on rolling across the nation with the majority of business owners feeling positive about the immediate-term business conditions.

Temp, Contract and Locum Sales

WA > As the resource sector strengthens once again, recruitment agencies in Western Australia have also surged back to life. WA leads the way with an average 11 per cent annual growth in temp, contract and locum sales.

QLD > The other resource-rich state Queensland is trending just behind with a 10 per cent annual growth.

NSW > New South Wales continues to reap the rewards of the many infrastructure projects and have clocked up a nine per cent annual growth in flexible workforce sales.

VIC > Victoria has recorded a seven per cent growth thanks largely to infrastructure projects, metro and level crossing removal driving job creation.

ACT > In the Australian Capital Territory annual growth has been somewhat slower, with a recorded average five per cent growth.

SA > South Australia reported the slowest growth of three per cent.


Permanent Placement Sales

  • QLD > Queensland leads the way with a healthy 14 per cent annual growth in perm sales.
  • NSW > New South Wales recorded a strong 11 per cent increase.
  • WA > After a quiet period, Western Australia also came back to life with a seven per cent annual growth in perm placement sales.
  • VIC > Victorian recruitment agencies have recorded a three per cent increase on the same time last year.
  • ACT > Australian Capital Territory recorded just one per cent annual growth.
  • SA > South Australia was the only state to record a minimal decline.

SIMperm sales

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