At APositive, we’re recognised as the leading workforce finance experts, specialising in cashflow funding for the recruitment, labour hire and professional services sectors. We have a range of products and services designed specifically to help businesses control their finances, and ultimately, mitigate against stressful cashflow shortages.

Something many may not know however, is beyond our products, we have a service-centric team of experts who offer support to businesses as part of our end-to-end account management offering. It’s a value add that we’re particularly proud of and that we know provides great benefit to our clients. After all, who wouldn’t want free business sound-boarding?

Part of this counsel also covers how to navigate a complex business restructure. For example, we recently partnered with a client to help them work through the process of the small business restructure that was introduced by the government last year. Ensuring our client received continuity of funding throughout the process so that they could continue servicing their client base, despite the additional challenges of the pandemic, was critical.

Not only did we deeply understand this client, but we met with their accountant and insolvency partner to monitor that the steps, processes and required documentation were being followed and submitted correctly. Our team stayed in close contact throughout the process and ensured there was no disruption to their funding at any time.

We also recently had a client whose customer refused to pay them a $3 million debt. This was (understandably) an extremely stressful time for their business and our close support ensured we could help them arrive at the best possible outcome:

  • We helped the client with the litigation against the customer
  • We allowed them funding against their remaining debtors to keep the business trading
  • We referred them to a selection of insolvency and turnaround specialists so they could find an adviser to best suit them
  • We then worked with them and the advisor to put together a strong turnaround plan
  • We continued to work closely with them and support them as they executed the plan to ensure the business could keep trading.

Fortunately, this story had a happy ending with the company recouping the arrears in full.

We are also always happy to refer our clients to the right insolvency and restructuring professionals if they feel they need support when their business encounters challenges. We have a network of partners available to help businesses in any industry, location, or size.

Managing a business is rarely smooth sailing, and many will experience challenges with finances at some point in time. So, if you’re considering a restructure or are being faced with the possibility of insolvency, reach out to us today and find out how we can help.

To discuss how APositive can help, please contact us on 1800 276 748 or leave your details below.

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