Close the cash flow gap to fund your payroll.

  • No waiting for invoices to be paid
  • No draining your cash reserves
  • No awkward moments with staff
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APositive - Payroll Funding

It doesn’t matter whether you manage your payroll in-house or outsource it.

We ensure payroll funds are available by advancing money against outstanding invoices. Our experts will integrate APOSITIVE systems into your payroll process. Our service slots seamlessly into your tech.

APositive - Payroll Funding


Upload your invoice details into the APOSITIVE online portal.

APositive - Payroll Funding


Once verified, you can access the money (up to 100%).

APositive - Payroll Funding


Once paid you receive the balance of the invoice.

If you only need part of the invoice to cover the payroll, you don’t have to take it all.

Take control now to confidently grow your temp and contractor book.

Our cloud-based tech provides ongoing payroll support.

Unlock the value of your receivables. Get a positive cash cycle. And meet your payroll commitments on time, every time. It’s easy to get a positive cash flow.

Apositive’s cloud-based tech provides ongoing payroll support, at a very reasonable cost. The Application process is easy and, because you’re dealing with invoice finance specialists, we know where to look to find the cash flow opportunities banks and general finance lenders often miss.

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Ongoing support

You don’t need to put up property as security. Because we’re using the invoices you’ve already raised to fund the payroll, the money is what you already have. We’re just helping you get it sooner.

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Fast decisions

We also understand you often need payroll finance fast.  APositive gives you a fast decision because you deal with someone who understands workforce finance and can get you a decision, faster than traditional finance companies.

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24 hour access

And, once you’re set up, you’ll have 24 hour access to the system. You’ll be able to see comprehensive reports, the status of outstanding invoices and be able to approach every pay cycle with greater confidence.

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