Close the cash flow gap to fund your payroll.

    • No waiting for invoices to be paid
    • No draining your cash reserves
    • No awkward moments with staff

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    It doesn’t matter whether you manage your payroll in-house or outsource it.

    We ensure payroll funds are available by advancing money against outstanding invoices. Our experts will integrate APOSITIVE systems into your payroll process. Our service slots seamlessly into your tech.

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    Upload your invoice details into the APOSITIVE online portal.

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    Once verified, you can access the money (up to 100%).

    APositive - Payroll Funding New


    Once paid you receive the balance of the invoice.

    If you only need part of the invoice to cover the payroll, you don’t have to take it all.

    Take control now to confidently grow your temp and contractor book.

    Our cloud-based tech provides ongoing payroll support.

    Unlock the value of your receivables. Get a positive cash cycle. And meet your payroll commitments on time, every time. It’s easy to get a positive cash flow.

    Apositive’s cloud-based tech provides ongoing payroll support, at a very reasonable cost. The Application process is easy and, because you’re dealing with invoice finance specialists, we know where to look to find the cash flow opportunities banks and general finance lenders often miss.

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    Ongoing support

    You don’t need to put up property as security. Because we’re using the invoices you’ve already raised to fund the payroll, the money is what you already have. We’re just helping you get it sooner.

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    Fast decisions

    We also understand you often need payroll finance fast.  APositive gives you a fast decision because you deal with someone who understands workforce finance and can get you a decision, faster than traditional finance companies.

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    24 hour access

    And, once you’re set up, you’ll have 24 hour access to the system. You’ll be able to see comprehensive reports, the status of outstanding invoices and be able to approach every pay cycle with greater confidence.

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    Unlocking growth & financial flexibility: Navigating contractor cash flow gaps

    • Understanding the cash flow gap
    • Common cash flow solutions
    • Understanding opportunity vs funding solution cost
    • Introducing Payroll Finance and Funding
    • Unlocking scalability by maximising cash flow
    • Common misconceptions of Payroll Finance and Funding
    • Payroll Funding in action
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is Payroll Funding or Payroll Finance?

    Payroll funding allows a business to sell its invoices to obtain immediate cash to meet payroll requirements. Payroll funding provides capital to pay employees or contract workers before the client pays you, allowing you to meet payroll requirements consistently.

    What are the benefits of Payroll Funding?

    • Retain top talent
    • Access funding immediately
    • Stop waiting on invoice payments
    • Close cash flow gaps
    • Offer payment by instalments to your customers
    • Do not add debt to your balance sheet
    • Integrate the funding solution with your existing payroll systems

    The choice is yours.

    1. You issue an invoice to your client.
    2. You sell the invoice to a payroll funding company to maintain cash flow and meet payroll. 
    3. The payroll funding company issues up to 85% of the invoice.
    4. Once your customers have paid in full, the payroll funding company settles the transaction by depositing the remaining invoice balance into your company bank account.

    How fast is the money available for Payroll Funding?

    You can receive the funds needed in less than 24 hours if you already have an account with the payroll funding provider.

    Which industries can use Payroll Funding?

    APositive has experience delivering payroll funding to the following industries:

    • Recruitment and Labour Hire
    • Traffic Management
    • IT Contractors and Consultants
    • Security
    • Mining Services
    • Civil Contractors
    • Cleaning Contractors
    • Wet and Dry Equipment Hire
    • Facilities Management

    What is cash flow?

    Cash flow is the total amount of money being transferred into and out of your business.

    It’s the difference between the available cash at the beginning of your accounting period and what’s left at the end of the period. For example, cash might come in from sales you make, invoices paid, and loan or investment proceeds. While it goes out to pay for your operating and direct expenses.For businesses that hire out staff and equipment, there is often a cash flow gap between when your end customer pays and when you need to meet your payroll commitments. That’s when APositive steps in to advance payments so that you can unlock the value of your receivables.

    When do I get my margin for temps or contractors?

    APositive work with you to understand your cash flow requirements. For example, if you only need your payroll amount advanced, we can pay your margin when your customer invoice is paid. Alternatively, we can pay you some, or all, of your margin upfront, subject to the approval of your systems. Amounts not paid to you upfront are paid immediately after the invoice payment is received from your end customer.

    What will it cost?

    A range of pricing models is available to help meet your individual requirements.We charge a single fee as a percentage of your invoice so that you know your costs upfront, including what impact it will have on your gross margin.

    There are three factors that determine the fees we charge, and once we know this information, we can set a fee relevant to your needs:

    • The type of timesheet and invoicing system you have in place to manage payroll and invoicing
    • The credit quality of your customers; and
    • Your customer payment terms

    As a guide APositive fees will be approximately 1 to 1.5% for a 14-day period, based on 80% funding of an invoice.

    • APositive Base Rate Australia: 6.85% – Last Updated 13/09/2022
    • APositive Base Rate New Zealand: 8.21% – Last Updated 13/09/2022

    These are base rates only. In addition, a margin rate will apply as separately disclosed to you. These rates may change from time to time.

    The choice is yours.

    We love technology, but if electronic timesheets do not suit your business, we can still provide you with the invoice finance, payroll funding and back office solutions you need.

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