APay is helping the recruitment industry grow with its ‘Recruit Now. Pay Later.’ model. Now, with the new APay Partner Program, there are even more reasons to power your recruitment business with APay.

When we launched APay in 2018, our aim was to help permanent recruiters build their client base, without compromising cashflow. We also wanted to make recruitment services more accessible to hiring companies by providing flexible payment solutions.

To date, APositive Workforce Finance (APay’s parent company) has helped hundreds of recruitment agencies fund over $700m in invoices. Our ‘Recruit Now. Pay Later.’ model allows recruiters – and their customers – to grow their businesses sooner. To expedite this growth, we introduced the APay Partner Program, which gives recruiters the chance to earn rewards and leverage clever co-marketing opportunities.

If you’re interested in boosting your recruitment brand – and your bottom line – read on to learn how APay can work for your business.

What is APay?

APay is a flexible payment solution that bridges the cashflow gap between recruitment agencies and their customers. Similar to the ‘buy now, pay later’ options in the retail sector, APay provides permanent recruiters with 100% access to fees upfront, while customers pay via instalments.

APay is the result of years of research from the APositive team. It’s designed specifically with the needs of permanent recruiters and SMEs in mind.

As Cameron Buckley from APositive explains, “There are two million SMEs in Australia. We know from research that SMEs would hire more people using recruitment agencies if they had the cashflow. The upfront cash outlay is often an obstacle that’s stopping businesses from recruiting. APay solves that problem.”

APositive founder, Danny Marlow, backs this up by adding, “APay allows customers to secure the employees they want. It also helps grow the recruiter’s business. It’s a model that benefits both parties.”

APay works using online technology, which is fast, simple and user-friendly. When a recruitment agency places a permanent candidate, they raise an invoice with the option to pay via APay. APay advances the payment upfront, so the recruiter receives their full fee. The customer then pays APay via 3, 4, 5 or 6 monthly instalments which are automatically debited from their bank account.

Watch a video to learn more about how APay works.

APay benefits for recruiters

APay gives your recruitment agency the confidence to pursue the permanent market, while minimising financial risk. It also makes late payments a thing of the past.

Research from Xero shows that 50% of customers pay invoices late, on average by 23 days. However, with APay, you’ll never have to worry about sending that awkward reminder email.

We perform credit checks to ensure recruiters are being matched with quality customers. We also manage admin and collections, so recruiters don’t have to chase payments and put a strain on relationships,” Danny explains.

Want more reasons to use APay in your recruitment agency? Here’s a snapshot of APay benefits for recruiters:

  • Receive 100% of your fee upfront – no waiting for customer payments
  • Broaden your market by offering flexible payment solutions
  • No credit risk or chasing late payments
  • No set-up or admin fees
  • Low percentage fee on sales, with option to absorb or pass on to customers
  • Seamless integration with leading recruitment technology (JobAdder)
  • Earn rewards and use co-marketing opportunities as an APay Preferred Partner

“APay opens up new, exciting opportunities for our customers. By removing the upfront costs of recruitment, APay makes our specialist services more accessible. Since becoming an APay Partner, we’ve helped more customers recruit new team members and grow their business.” Megan Shorter – Managing Director, People Medical Consulting

Watch a video of Megan’s testimonial

APay benefits for employers

APay also offers a range of valuable benefits for employers. Hire your preferred candidates, control your operating costs and scale your business sooner – all thanks to APay’s recruitment instalment plans.

  • Improve your cashflow by paying recruitment fees over time
  • Use your own recruitment agency or let us introduce you to APay Preferred Partners
  • Register in a few minutes – no financial data required
  • No set-up fees or ongoing admin fees
  • Choose from a range of flexible payment plans
  • Easy, automatic debits from your nominated bank account each month
  • Secure your ideal candidates and start growing your business

“With APay, we were able to get a new doctor into our practice to start serving the community straight away. Paying the fee by instalments while the GP was earning income for the practice was very convenient. As for the process, it was fast and smooth. The team at People Medical and APay made everything easy.”  Forde Danby – Owner/Director, Doctors@PacificFair

Introducing the APay Partner Program

At APositive, our products and services are constantly evolving. APay is no exception. The latest inclusion in the APay offering is the APay Partner Program, which allows recruitment agencies to leverage APay branding and earn financial rewards.

As Danny explains, “We work together with Preferred Partners to simultaneously build their brand and ours. This includes co-marketing opportunities across email, social media and more.”

“We recently did a co-branded EDM for one of our clients in the health space. As a result, they signed seven new clients worth $100,000 in fees.”

Cameron adds that allowing Preferred Partners to use APay’s ‘Recruit Now. Pay Later’ tagline is a key benefit.

“The client’s brand always come first, but co-branding with APay adds credibility and helps clients broaden their offering.”

APositive - APay – Recruit Now. Pay Later. | Recruitment Instalment Plans
APositive - APay – Recruit Now. Pay Later. | Recruitment Instalment Plans
APositive - APay – Recruit Now. Pay Later. | Recruitment Instalment Plans
APositive - APay – Recruit Now. Pay Later. | Recruitment Instalment Plans

From January 2020, recruitment agencies can also earn financial rewards for using and promoting APay. Recruiters with more than $40K in quarterly APay invoices are eligible to receive a percentage of fees for that quarter. Once paid, agencies can distribute APay rewards at their discretion – at a company, team or individual level.

“It’s our way of saying thank-you and giving back to the industry that supports us. Plus, it’s a great way to create a bit of healthy competition and raise the bar for recruitment agencies across the board,” says Cameron.

Become an APay Preferred Partner

Interested in using APay to power your recruitment business? Become an APay Preferred Partner today. Simply fill out the form below to book an obligation-free appointment with our APay Partner Manager. We’d love to chat about your recruitment agency and how APay can help you achieve your goals.

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