Untie the money in unpaid invoices.

  • No Lock in Contracts
  • No Complicated Fee Structures
  • No Putting up Property as Security

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Money advance

Invoice Finance closes the gap between what you have to spend and what you need to pay.

It does this by advancing you up to 100% of the money tied up in unpaid invoices.

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Free up funds

Also known as debtor financing, invoice discounting,  or accounts receivable factoring, invoice finance is a simple way of freeing up the funds you have tied up in unpaid invoices.

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APositive are invoice finance experts. When you call, you’ll speak with someone who understands workforce finance, someone who understands how finance can help your business.

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Maximise cash flow

We understand how frustrating unpaid invoices can be. And we can help find ways to free up your cash flow. So your money spends more time working for you.

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In 3 simple steps, don’t let cash flow slow your business growth


Upload your invoice details into the APOSITIVE online portal.


Once verified, you can access the money (up to 100%).


Once paid you receive the balance of the invoice.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a maximum limit of funding I can get?

We are in the business of supporting your growth. The only limit is how large you want your business to get. As long as you grow with good customers, who pay their invoices, there is no funding limit.

What will it cost?

A range of pricing models is available to help meet your individual requirements.We charge a single fee as a percentage of your invoice so that you know your costs upfront, including what impact it will have on your gross margin.
There are three factors that determine the fees we charge, and once we know this information, we can set a fee relevant to your needs:

  1. The type of timesheet and invoicing system you have in place to manage payroll and invoicing
  2. The credit quality of your customers; and
  3. Your customer payment terms

As a guide APositive fees will be approximately 1 to 1.5% for a 14-day period, based on 80% funding of an invoice.
APositive Base Rate – Is defined as the published Westpac IF 30 Day Bill Rate + 2.5%. This is currently 4.06%. Last updated 15/01/2021

Am I locked in?

There is no lock-in contracts, set up costs, exit fees or administration costs.

You only pay a single fee when you finance an invoice. This means you are free to use APositive whenever you like – from temporary cash injections to ongoing payroll support.

Why would I use APositive instead of a bank?

It’s a fact of life – the banks are difficult to deal with, especially if you’re a startup or early-stage business. This is mainly because banks often consider SMEs to be undesirable clients, and they will only lend to you if you meet their strict requirements.

APositive specialises in SME recruitment and labour-hire businesses. So, we understand your cash flow needs and have designed workforce finance solutions to suit your business model.

We will not squeeze your business into a generic offering that caters for all industries. Our services are tailored for the recruitment industry. And, not only do we provide access to the funding you need, but we care how you spend your margin. That’s why we also offer to optimise your back office so that your money and systems are all geared towards one thing – growing your business.

Do you provide reporting?

The APositive online portal provides you with comprehensive reporting about all current and past invoices, fee statements, cash receipts, and debtor ledger movements. You can freely access these reports 24/7 at our Client Login. To find out more book in a demo with one of our client managers.

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