According to a new study, job ads across Australia have risen to the highest levels in two years.

In this recent article, Seek’s  job ads recorded a 10.2% month-on-month increase in jobs posted last month. This suggests that Australia’s economic resurgence is well underway, likely also supported by economic stimulus measures rolled out in recent weeks across VIC and NSW as tight restrictions ease.

So while this is good news for businesses, often recruitment is the key to scaling at pace and with that comes a need for significant investment. Cashflow shortages can mean putting a halt to potential business growth where finding and securing top talent is critical to aid rapid progress.

As we come into the end of the year, commercial brokers are being urged to get ahead of pre-Christmas cashflow issues. It is reported that only 40% of SME’s have the cashflow required to make the most of the end of lockdown and the approaching festive season.

APositive APay Account Manager, Navia Khrishna, says now is the time for businesses to seek assistance and take control of their cashflow with APositive’s APay solution.

“Near the end of the year, many businesses realise their cashflow isn’t going to stretch as far as they hoped, especially within the last 18 months where business owners have been faced with challenge after challenge,” she said.

“APositive’s APay solution is designed specifically with the needs of permanent recruiters and SMEs in mind, and ultimately gives businesses a smarter way to manage finance by enabling recruiters to be paid upfront and SMEs to pay recruitment fees in up to six monthly instalments.

“This means businesses can hire the employees they need and not worry where the next paycheck will come from, also helping businesses to scale.”

APay is easy to set up, flexible, integrates seamlessly and means business owners can make the commercial decisions needed, without the financial stress.

Check out our video for more information, we look forward to hearing from you.

If you or your clients are experiencing issues or looking for a smarter way to manage your business’ finance, give us a confidential call today on 1800 276 748 to discuss our APay solution.

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