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How to get the payroll finance you need, fast.

Got growing pains like these? The gap between meeting your payroll commitments and customers paying can cripple your cash flow. Payroll Finance

Instead of trading in a negative cash cycle, make sure you can meet your payroll commitments on time, every time.

How APositive can help

 Whether your payroll cycle is weekly, fortnightly or monthly, APositive finance is integrated into your payroll process.

So, regardless of whether you outsource your payroll or manage it in-house, our service slots in seamlessly.

Either the payroll amount is advanced, or anywhere up to 100% of your invoice value. This allows you to access your profit, or margin, upfront to help bolster your cash flow.

Then, when your end customer pays, APositive remit the remaining part of the invoice back to you on the same day.

We advance payments for your outstanding invoices so that you can unlock the value of your receivables. With a signed timesheet or a confirmed permanent placement you can access up to 100% of the invoice amount on the same day it is raised.

APositive Payroll Funding at a glance

  • Ongoing payroll support with no complicated fee structures
  • No minimum fee or break costs
  • No lengthy application process
  • No putting up property as security or other strict bank parameters
  • No delays
  • Direct access to decision makers – guaranteeing fast response times
  • 24/7 online access to our cloud-based platform for easy access and comprehensive reporting
  • Peace of mind knowing you have unrestricted cash flow in place


Don’t wait to reach your full potential. It’s time to revolutionise the way you manage your cash flow, and use your back office. And, it starts with a free review of your current finance and payroll systems.
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